Easier Answers with the Home Scouting® App

March 30, 2017 8:28 am

Basic RGBWhen you use the Home Scouting® MLS app, a blue dot representing your location will move on the map and homes for sale appear as red houses as you drive through neighborhoods. When you pull up in front of a home that interests you, tap on the red square icon to see the details.

If you think that this house could be “the one,” simply click the “Showing” button on the bottom of your screen. Your agent will receive an instant email with the MLS number and property address along with the times you are open to see the house. You can also scroll to the bottom of the MLS information and tap your agent’s phone number to call them directly to see if they are free to show you the house.

If you want payment or financing information on a house while you are out looking, you can tap “Estimate Payment” right below the listing’s price to bring up a handy mortgage calculator, then tap “Call My Loan Officer” to call me directly. I am always here for you.

To search for homes in your area, download the Home Scouting® app from Google Play or iTunes. You can also use the “Discover Your Next Home’” search tool on the homepage of my website. Call me today for my VIP code!